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We help companies find the right talent by curating, screening, and connecting pre-vetted candidates for them, so they can focus more on building their dream team.

"Sqouts transformed our remote hiring strategy. The platform helped us expand our talent pool, making it easier to discover qualified professionals in our target areas. It's a game-changer for efficient and effective recruitment"

Arina Marldiyah
Director of People and
Organizational Services
Arina Marldiyah
Director of People and
Organizational Services

Smarter hires, faster 🚀

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Meet hiring goals through automated screenings, at scale

Hiring great talent at scale shouldn't cost a fortune. Sqouts leverages AI to automate tasks like resume screening and interview analysis to cut your hiring costs by 50% ensuring optimal resource allocation for building a top-notch team.

Intelligent interview analysis for less bias and deeper insights

Our AI-Powered interview assistant helps build a deeper understanding of your candidates. Automatically summarize and gain strategic insights from interviews, chat logs, and resumes. Get a more holistic and objective view of the people you are welcoming into your team.

Find the best candidates faster with Sqouts AI

Experience talent acquisition at lighting speed. Sqouts deliver candidates three times faster than traditional methods, saving you valuable time and accelerating your recruitment process. We help you with the daily grind of scouting and screening so that you can focus on engagement and strategic decision-making.

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